The Known History


The following timeline is an approximation of what is written on the Crown Stone (an inscribed tablet) and might be considered common knowledge in the Walled City of Bazvallyr.

400 years ago, OLD YTHïREA was shattered by a planet-wide catastrophe known as CATACLYSM (also remembered as THE FALL) brought on by the ravenous industry of MORTAL RACES. It was the end of a GOLDEN AGE and it cast our land in ENDLESS NIGHT. It killed OUR GODS and OUR CIVILIZATION, leaving only a few in it’s wake. You are the descendants of those few.

1 A.C. – KING LONGINUS, the first, lent his power to the CITADEL and created the KINGSFIELD to protect HIS PEOPLE.

15 A.C. – HIS MAJESTY welcomed other survivors, so many that it became impossible for the CITADEL to accommodate every man, woman, and child. BAZVALLYR, as it had been named, suffered four seasons of PLAGUE and FAMINE.

16 A.C. – TIEFLING PILGRIMS arrived in number. They purged the CORRUPTED and SAVED HIS PEOPLE. Their STRENGTH and WISDOM rivaled that of KING LONGINUS, but it was their VIRTUE that helped build the city we know today.

16 A.C. – With the help of the the TIEFLINGS, our lord extended the reach of the KINGSFIELD. Construction of FIRSTWALL begins, built within the limits of the KING’s power.

19 A.C. – By decree of KING LONGINUS, Firstwall’s gates would be CLOSED forevermore. None would leave and none would enter and the WARDENS were established to protect the new LAW of the city. In the following years, BAZVALLYR flourished in HIS MAJESTY.

28 A.C. – PRINCE SANGUINUS, first heir to the KING, orchestrated the FIVE YEAR REBELLION, betraying the crown and his seat in an attempt to usurp his father.

33 A.C. – With the help of the highest branch of the WARDENS, the KING defeated PRINCE SANGUINUS and cast him into the badlands BEYOND THE WALL. The people of BAZVALLYR rejoiced.

45 A.C. – FIRSTWALL is completed. Construction of SECONDWALL begins. It would be fondly remembered as the KING’s MAGNUM OPUS.

48 A.C. – KING LONGINUS dies gently in his sleep. His second born heir, KING ARINDAAL, would lead from the CITADEL, according to his father’s vision.

Guided by the HIGH-WARDENS, the KING would usher in the AGE OF PROSPERITY we know today.


The Known History

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